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Cameron Stalheim
Cameron Stalheim SculptureWalk Sioux Falls Donation



Cameron Stalheim is excited to announce his newest sculpture, "Persist". 





It will be debuting on the 2018 SculptureWalk Sioux Falls. 





The figure will be life-sized with the fabric blowing upwards over 8' high. The sculpture will be cast in bronze at BronzeAge Art Casting. 

This sculpture represents the fear of vulnerability. Fabric symbolizes refuge, while the outreached hand begs for guidance.
The figure is at the mercy of the inevitable, the uncertain future, and the willingness to let go.




But we need your help. 


The cost to recreate this sculpture life-size is $15,000. 


Your donation today will be the realization of something beautiful. Art has the power to inspire change, and change has the power to inspire greatness. Let's inspire greatness together.